Village Market Africa was founded by two social entrepreneurs, as a bee farming initiative focused on creating and finding a conducive environment for bees to thrive.

We believe in a harmonies working relationship between bees and rural communities/villages. Considering the global threat to bees, we wanted to create spaces that will allow both to thrive. We do this by identifying and training villages in sustainable beekeeping and nature conservation and aid them with setting up beekeeping initiatives. In doing this we are creating a whole new sustainable supply base for honey and organic produce that we secure through our buy-back policy. The result of this is that TVMA can offer our partners and customers quality products that are helping create a brighter future for Africa.

Initially TVMA was focused on the sale of premium raw honey and organic fresh produce however has since added a natural skincare products and home accessories to our range. All our products are beautifully packaged and come with their own unique stories of each village they are sourced from as our way of acknowledging the wealth of indigenous wisdom, natural resources and rich history of these villages.

Why the village?

This is in recognition of the ability of our rural ancestors’ cultures and traditional practices that respected and worked with the ecosystems they depended on in a way that cultivated abundance and strong communities. Lack of commercial opportunity, high levels of unemployment plague South Africa’s rural areas, and migrant populations destined for increasingly limited opportunities in urban areas.

TVMA is stimulating a whole new value chain by looking after our village ecosystems.


Education & Skills

Training communities in ecosystems, nature conservation, beekeeping, manufacturing of beekeeping equipment and bee fences amongst others.


We reuse, recycle and reduce while utilising environmentally friendly products. Operations are based on Fair trade principles.


Protecting the environment through partnerships with communities, educational institutions and other organisations for research, choosing locations and adequate forage.


The African child is blessed with an abundance of talent and natural resources which TVMA aims to ignite with training, providing access to markets and high-end branding.